Head  to  head - The Sketchbook of a Walk Across England
a book by David Grech, with an Introduction by Hunter Davies


Vernacular architecture is the term given to describe the traditional buildings of a region or country. In England we are blessed with a rich and varied vernacular architectural heritage that is, in part, the result of an equally rich and varied geology.

In the summer of 1996 David Grech spent two months walking 600 miles across England, from Beachy Head in Sussex to St Bees Head on the Cumbrian coast. The aim of the walk was to cross the geological grain of England and, in so doing, to record how the vernacular architecture changes with the varying rock strata.

This book is a record of that walk, and incorporates 58 of the author's ink and water colour sketches of the buildings encountered en route (all of which were completed in the field during the course of the walk). The sketches are collected together into six sections, each of which covers a defined geological area, and is prefaced by a map of the region, together with a brief description of the geology and the building materials which derive from those rock formations.

The maps and illustrations have been reproduced in full colour throughout the book, which contains 180 pages and is paperback, A5 format (148mm x 210mm).

ISBN No. 0 9536019 0 0

Published Price: 12:99

On the pages that follow is the complete text of the introduction, and sample pictures and text from the six sections of the route.

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